Passion for Ideas, Obsessed with Crafting.

ForestForRent is the creative portfolio of Manuel Camino, mainly in the Advertising (digital and traditional) field. Well, that's me, a Spanish creative with more than 15 years of experience, who is willing to keep learning, always. You can find more about me, as Storyteller and Visual Artist at

Definitively not a diva or ego person, I believe. When you buy your fist computer by feeding pigs on a farm to get a budget together, definitively there is no chance to develop much ego. I know it doesn't sound "humble" to say about yourself that you are such, but that's normally what I get from many who worked with me. 

The kind of creative who started from the very bottom, from Junior Designer to recently an ECD, I did all kind of creative tasks (and some not so creative, haha) you can imagine. Conceptualisation, design, concept art, 
illustrator, UX and UI, 3D, animation, activations and experiences, filming direction, copywriting, motion graphics, interior design, content, social media, branding, packaging, broadcast, editorial, product design, photography, VR,  you name it. 
When everybody was focusing on something, I was always curious, and I guess forced by the circumstances sometimes, trying to learn and do as many things as creative as I could. This made me quite a "all terrains 4x4" kind of creative, what allows me to fully understand most of the creative process from small projects to the most complex 360 campaigns. 

Although I have quite a strong digital background,  I consider myself as a neutral media person with passion for ideas and experiences, that can be working one day on a campaign and next I am designing a video game console system, like the Xbox 360. Skilled in managing teams and presenting ideas to clients, as much as dealing with a huge amount of production. 

Really into innovation and working on concepts,  I never hesitate to put my hands on the creative process beyond supervising or directing. I consider myself confident and I try to be far from political debates and the egos of this industry and focus more on collaboration and creating a good company culture with no drama. Empathic person, I believe in treating everybody with respect and will always protect my team.

Worked for Nike, Xbox, Suzuki, Coke, Sony, Footlocker, Mercedes, Microsoft, Nestle, Johnnie Walker, Heineken, Twitter, Samsung, HP, KIA and many others. For agencies like W+K, AKQA, TBWA, Publicis, Saatchi&Saatchi, gyro and North Kingdom. Lived in 8 different countries, in Europe, US and Asia. Currently in Tokyo, Japan, I am available to help, as freelance or permanent, in Japan or outside.

Happy to be tested at any time (send me a brief and I will give you a creative solution in record time) as happy to point you to people I worked with or for as references, :)

Overall, I consider myself a hard worker, a decent person and an obstinate skateboarder.

It´s always good to check what others think.

— Christoph Becker, CEO+CCO at gyro, Manuel reported to him.

"Manuel’s passion for innovation creative excellence is unquestioned. He is a proven creative leader who knows how to collaborate, how to build and how to inspire on all fronts".
— Dawn Pan, Divisional Manager - Cycle & Carriage, KIA, was Manuel's client.

anuel is one of the most humble ECD I have ever worked with. A creative mind that is constantly looking at things differently, always offering an alternative that is both refreshing and exciting. A thoroughly hands-on ECD that takes pride in everything that churned out from his team. A leader who is loved by his team members. I am glad for the opportunity to work with him".
— Rogert Grant - CEO at Personna, was Manuel's client.
"Manuel is one of the most generous and humble ECD's I know. He has beautiful depth to his empathy, great wit and brutal honesty (when you are ready for it). We count ourselves lucky that our Personna brand blueprint lives in Manuel's head".
— Andrea Conyard - Chief Executive Officer at Havas, Manuel partnered with him.
"Manuel is by far one of the most talented creatives that I have been lucky enough to work with. He has a beautiful creative mind (just not the face to go with it). He is also more importantly one of the nicest and most humble people you could meet (which is rare in our creative industry today) and I’m happy to call him a good friend. 

We came together when I first set up gyro in Singapore and he was my partner as we built the agency up over 2 years. His amazing ability to get to the route of a clients problem and come up with ideas that transcend mediums was a key part of the growth. He had the ability to be both a strategic business partner and a creative partner due to his experience of running his own business in the past and being a CD. No brief was to big or small for him to always come up with be most effective and creative solution for. As we both agreed the heart of any agency or team was the culture you create to support them which was what we created in gyro and helped fuel our growth. An area he would always downplay was his strength and ability to create innovative digital solutions. He would never want to be limited to just digital but with his background working with nike, xbox and with the work we did at gyro he brings a rare approach to creating innovative and relevant digital experiences, products and solutions"
— Kristijan Petkoski, Manuel partnered with him.
"Manuel is a special breed of creative and it is tremendous pleasure to work with him. He has standards that every creative person should aspire to and his work is nothing but a pure perfection.

He is not only talented creative who comes easily with impressive concepts, but he has an exceptional ability to digest the brief with no trouble, look at it from every angle and make sure that the idea is truly answering the creative challenge. Moreover, his sharp eye and attention to details, extreme level of esthetics and passion for crafting makes the work brilliantly outstanding.

Manuel is a truly inspiring personality always challenging the status quo, and a hilarious guy who can turn even the most boring task into an exciting creative project. I strongly recommend Manuel as an exceptional creative talent that can drive the creative industry forward".

— Susan den Bieman, Account Manager & Web Consultant, Aquent Holland.

"A very creative, smart and driven person. Highly recommended."
— Elisa Carson, Senior Interactive Producer, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Manuel partnered with her.
"Manuel is a passionate creative thinker who also has the depth of experience in interactive to be able to plan projects to work smoothly from start to finish. Whether he's art directing a photo shoot, illustrating and designing, or working with developers, Manuel is incredibly efficient and articulate. It was a pleasure to work with him."
— Dylan Alling, Agency/TBWA Amsterdam. Manuel partnered with him. 
"So here's a guy who can fly in from Malaga at 8 a.m., take the briefing at 9, sit down with a cup of coffee at 10 and at 10.01 start spewing fantastic and relevant (!) ideas until the world runs out of ink. In addition to that, he then follows it up with eye popping design skills. Amazing. The project we worked on was tight, very tight. In timing, budget and client/agency relationship. But we made it work thanks to Manuel's ability to hit the ground running and his flexibility to incorporate the client's whims (and mine!) without losing the essence of the concept or the quality envisioned. A thrill to work with. The sooner we can work together again, the better."

— Camilla Burggraaf, Information Architect, InfoStructures, worked directly with Manuel at ForestForRent.
"Great creative mind that can very well translate ideas into online visuals. Nice eye for details and up for a challenge!"

 — Miguel Ripoll, was Manuel's client.
"Manuel possesses a unique combination of superb technical skill, wild creative flair, award-winning design ideas, and the down-to-earth, brief-led discipline that comes from over a decade of working on high-profile projects for global brands both in Europe and in the US. I have known Manuel for many years, and had the great luck to collaborate with him on two occasions. He not only delivered (and how!), but was a joy to work with. He can be very chilled out whilst under pressure, without loosing focus at all, which when working within a team and for a big corporate client is a very strong advantage indeed. No wonder he is considered one of the best in the business. I cannot recommend him enough. A huge talent and a great guy."
 — Stas Udotov, was Manuel's client.
"We have worked with Manuel for the last five years. Throughout this time he proved to be a great, reliable design partner. Together, we've carried out extremely challenging projects. One of our design challenges lies in the fact that our client base is extremely diverse. Manuel has shown that he can systematically analyze the needs of our clients, understand their target audiences and help us design state of the art web-based products. As part of our partnership we worked on a range of projects that include different websites, as well as highly interactive Flash-based and mobile applications. Over the course of our work with Manuel we've seen a significant growth in our design quality, as well as in the number of clients. I would strongly endorse Manuel Camino as a highly capable, creative and professional design partner."
— Jesus Gollonet, AKQA London, interactive developer.

"I got the opportunity to work with Manuel on his xebius website. His clear vision and extreme attention to detail made the whole process a delight and a lesson in professionalism."​​​​​​​