This is a concept that I created for a well known car brand as a proposal for a Safety Campaign. Even when it was mostly liked, it was finally rejected by the network for being considered too agresive for both the brand and the asian market. With all I decided to make the illustration.

Trying to find a different approach I explored the idea of how you may feel when, after an accident, an explanation would be givenĀ in Heaven. Dying for a last touch up with your lipstick, or because you want to send and sms or drink just another beer are very stupid ways to end up your days.

Being the target group between 20 and 40 years old, I wanted them to react to the idea of being "Stupid" versus the old approach based on the literal consequences of a non responsible driving.

Another 2 posters, using a mobile phone and a beer were planned, by I wanted to illustrate this one as a visual exercise to explain the original idea.