In Singapore, Korean cars are perceived to be inferior to continental and Japanese brands so how can we move Kia from secondary to primary consideration amongst car buyers?

While every other automobile brand focuses on car models and specs, we decided to do otherwise and focus on the consumer and emotions to directly attack the misperceptions.


Go Beyond Expectations.
Under Kia’s umbrella theme of ‘The Power to Surprise’, we created ‘Go Beyond Expectations’, where we focused on the sensory experience (eyes, mouth, ears, hair etc.) and the human emotions of joy once you discover first-hand that driving the new generation of Kia cars is something more than you expected. ‘Going beyond’ also reinforces the concept of going places, while ‘expectations’ touches on customer satisfaction, making this a perfect example of a humanly relevant campaign. 

The idea of going beyond expectations was also applied to our creative executions as well. Instead of what is usually out there in the market in terms of car ads and promotions, we did more than what’s expected whether it was our TVC, mobile and desktop site, 360 videos, a surprise test drive, the Kia Experience event, cinema ads, OOH, and everything else you can imagine. It was a blast and the great work helped our client to reach 50% of Singapore’s population and started changing people's perceptions about their brand, and their expectations about their cars!