Laughing Cow.


While working as ACD in Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam we were challenged to come with a concept and execution that could help to make Laughing Cow more appealing in a country where kids are not used to eat cheese.


Kristijan Petoski and myself created the "Laughing Moments" campaign proposal. We proposed to change the strategy that has been used till then in Vietnam, focusing on the mums and the nutritions of the product. And instead of that, we introduced the idea of targeting kids and make them more familiar with the product. 

Laughing kids are healthy kids. In order to create those situations we worked on a serie of characters based on the cheese shape, 8 as on the box, each with different personalities and abilities as a way to deliver the "benefits" of the product in a funnier way. Special thanks to Paul Young, our ECD, Monta and all those who worked on this.