Singapore Rugby Union (SRU).


The sport of rugby is less well known in Southeast Asia (SEA) compared to more popular ones like football. How then, do we create the hype for and make the first ever SEA 7s tournament, which the SRU is organizing, attractive and engaging to the people in the region?


Elevate the SEA 7s to being more than just a rugby tournament but an event where all Southeast Asian people, whether they are rugby fans or not, can come together in friendly regional rivalry.
Divided by loyalties. United by passion.

Passion is a powerful emotion, which can divide yet also unite us. In this case, the passion each fan has for their respective national team could be divisive in nature, however the passion for the game brings people together in a celebration of sporting rivalry both on and off the pitch.

To bring our idea to life, we incorporated key national landmarks from the competing countries to complete the shape of the most recognizable element of rugby – the oval ball – turning it into an iconic visual.