In the middle of the coronavirus isolation, with most of the agencies on hold, I decided to work on a personal project. The brief was to come with a positive and reinforcing message for people who, like me, has been dealing with this alone. It was clear to me that the worst monsters are thoses in our head and they tend to attack when we are weak and lonely, like these days. Dit it happen to you too? I feel ya!


A sentence popped straight away: ¨Tame the Monsters of Your Mind¨. Without a team this time, and none to direct but myself I had to do all of it, from concept to 3D, texturing, rendering, in order to illustrate this idea as good as possible. Imaging my own monster I thought it has be similar to a frog or a toad with shark teeth, a creature that jumps from topic to topic, with a big mouth, noisy, ugly, furious and happy to bite at anytime. I included a video explaining the process. I hope you enjoy. And remember to tame your own monsters, :)